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Avatar: The Last Airbender–Smoke and Shadow Library Edition

The Fire Nation is threatened by a prophecy told by the Kemurikage–mysterious figures thought only to exist in legend: “remove Zuko from the throne or the country will perish!” Unrest is brewing as the New Ozai Society prepares to make its move against the crown, and children begin to go missing from their homes under mysterious circumstances! Avatar Aang and his friends are doing everything in their power to save them–but will it be enough?!

This special, oversized edition of Smoke and…

Avatar The Last Airbender The Rift Part 1

ISBN 10 : 9781621159148
ISBN 13 : 1621159140

Avatar Aang asks his friends to help him honor Yangchen's Festival-one of the highest Air Nomad holidays, which hasn't been celebrated in over one hundred years. But cryptic visits..

Avatar The Last Airbender The Search Part 1

ISBN 10 : 9781621156703
ISBN 13 : 1621156702

For years, fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra have burned with one question-what happened to Fire Lord Zuko's mother? Finding a clue at last, Zuko enlists t..

The Ultimate Pocket Guide Avatar The Last Airbender

ISBN 10 : 9781612631103
ISBN 13 : 161263110X

If you like Avatar: The Last Airbender, this is the perfect book for you! Chock-full of neat facts and trivia, it also includes a quiz to determine which character you're most like..

Avatar The Last Airbender The Search Part 2

ISBN 10 : 9781621157755
ISBN 13 : 162115775X

In search of their long-lost mother, Fire Lord Zuko and his deadly and insane sister Azula have brought Avatar Aang and his friends into a mysterious forest, but what they discover..

Avatar The Last Airbender The Promise Part 1

ISBN 10 : 9781621158004
ISBN 13 : 1621158004

The wait is over! Ever since the conclusion of Avatar: The Last Airbender, its millions of fans have been hungry for more-and it's finally here! This series of digests rejoins Aang..

Avatar The Last Airbender The Rift Part 2

ISBN 10 : 9781621159650
ISBN 13 : 1621159655

Team Avatar find themselves up to their necks in trouble as mysterious forces threaten to destroy land once sacred to the Airbenders! While Aang journeys to the spirit world in sea..

Avatar The Last Airbender

ISBN 10 : 9781616551902
ISBN 13 : 1616551909

Continuing his quest to uncover his mother's fate, Fire Lord Zuko, his sister Azula, and his friends enter the Forgetful Valley, a mysterious forest from which some people never em..

Avatar The Last Airbender The Promise Part 3

ISBN 10 : 9781621158028
ISBN 13 : 1621158020

Avatar: The Last Airbender creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko bring The Promise to its explosive conclusion! The Harmony Restoration Movement has failed, and the ..

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