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Clay Sanskrit Library: Complete Set in 56 Volumes

Clay Sanskrit Library: Complete Set in 56 Volumes Finally, the ancient gems of classical Sanskrit literature are available to a wide audience. This literature combines great beauty, enormous variety, and more than 3,000 years of continuous history and development. The Clay Sanskrit Library makes everything easier for any reader: the Sanskrit text, written in familiar Roman letters, faces a fresh English translation, and the convenient pocket size… Full description

Pa Catantra

ISBN 10 : 9780192839886
ISBN 13 : 0192839888

The Pancatantra is the most famous collection of fables in India and was one of the earliest Indian books to be translated into Western languages. No other Indian work has had a gr..

The Mahabharata

ISBN 10 : 9789351185673
ISBN 13 : 9351185672

It is the aftermath of the war in Volume 8. Ashvatthama kills all the remaining Pandavas—with the exception of the five Pandava brothers—and Panchalas. The funeral ceremonies f..


ISBN 10 : 817201659X
ISBN 13 : 9788172016593

It Is A Transformation Of An Ancient Legend Into A Modern Novel. In This Process, It Has Gained Rational Credibility And A Human Perspective. The Main Incident, The Bharata War, Sy..

Filming The Gods

ISBN 10 : 9781134380695
ISBN 13 : 1134380690

Filming the Gods examines the role and depiction of religion in Indian cinema, showing that the relationship between the modern and the traditional in contemporary India is not exo..


ISBN 10 : 9781101993231
ISBN 13 : 1101993235

The definitive translation by Dick Davis of the great national epic of Iran—now newly revised and expanded to be the most complete English-language edition Dick Davis—“our pr..

Understanding Morphology

ISBN 10 : 9781444117110
ISBN 13 : 1444117114

This introduction to morphology assumes no prior knowledge of linguistics and presents the field of morphology in an accessible way. Emphasis is put on presenting a range of morpho..

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