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How To Be a Woman

Selected by Emma Watson for her feminist book club ‘Our Shared Shelf’

It’s a good time to be a woman: we have the vote and the Pill, and we haven’t been burnt as witches since 1727. However, a few nagging questions do remain…

Why are we supposed to get Brazilians? Should we use Botox? Do men secretly hate us? And why does everyone ask you when you’re going to have a baby?

Part memoir, part rant, Caitlin answers the questions that every modern woman is asking.

How To Be A Woman

ISBN 10 : 0062564749
ISBN 13 : 9780062564740

The New York Times bestseller—part manifesto, part memoir—that put a new face on feminism as it cut to the heart of issues with an irreverent, transcendent, and hilarious touch..

How To Be A Woman

ISBN 10 : 9780062124258
ISBN 13 : 0062124250

“Caitlin Moran is the profane, witty and wonky best friend I wish I had. She’s the feminist rock star we need right now.” —Ayelet Waldman, author of Bad Mother “Caitlin M..

How To Be A Woman

ISBN 10 : 0062124293
ISBN 13 : 9780062124296

Piecing together common-sense observations with scenes from her own life, the author sheds new light on feminism, discussing the reasons why female rights and empowerment are essen..

How To Be A 3 Man Winning The Heart Of The Woman Of Your Dreams

ISBN 10 : 9781105876677
ISBN 13 : 1105876675

Dear Friend, This book teaches you the hidden secrets to completely understand women. It covers both the dating world and long term relationships. You will learn how to meet and da..

A Woman S Wisdom

ISBN 10 : 9781433528309
ISBN 13 : 1433528304

Advice books are no short-lived trend. They continue to top bestseller lists even though much of the “wisdom” being offered proves shallow in the long run. People are looking f..


ISBN 10 : 0830741984
ISBN 13 : 9780830741984

Beth Redman challenges readers with this message of hope and freedom. In Beautiful, Redman encourages women to become uncomplicated followers of Jesus, breaking free of baggage, in..

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