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John Donne And Baroque Allegory

ISBN 10 : 9781107195806
ISBN 13 : 1107195802

Provides a new appreciation of John Donne through the lens of Walter Benjamin's critical theory of baroque allegory...

John Donne

ISBN 10 : STANFORD:36105123242203
ISBN 13 :

Included here are nearly 1,600 entries of descriptive annotations wherein Roberts quotes extensively from each item in order to convey a sense of its approach and the level of its ..

Shakespeare Machiavelli And Montaigne

ISBN 10 : 0199257604
ISBN 13 : 9780199257607

From 1595-1600 Shakespeare dissected the workings of political power in the four histories of the Henriad and in Hamlet in ways which were remarkably parallel - and were perhaps in..

Neo Baroque Aesthetics And Contemporary Entertainment

ISBN 10 : 0262640619
ISBN 13 : 9780262640619

Tracing the logic of media history, from the baroque tothe neo-baroque, from magic lanterns and automata to film andcomputer games...

The Disenchantment Of Art

ISBN 10 : 089862407X
ISBN 13 : 9780898624076

Fifty years after committing suicide at the French-Spanish border, Walter Benjamin remains one of the great cultural critics of this century. Yet despite his wide acclaim, his phil..

The Origin Of German Tragic Drama

ISBN 10 : 1859844138
ISBN 13 : 9781859844137

Offers a source of literary modernism in the twentieth century...

Literary Theory

ISBN 10 : 9781118306291
ISBN 13 : 1118306295

A quarter of a century on from its original publication, Literary Theory: An Introduction still conjures the subversion, excitement and exoticism that characterized theory through ..

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