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King Edward Iii

ISBN 10 : 052143422X
ISBN 13 : 9780521434225

This was the first publication of Edward III in an authoritative edition of Shakespeare's works...

Shakespeare S Edward Iii

ISBN 10 : 0300066260
ISBN 13 : 9780300066265

Argues the case for naming Shakespeare as the author of "Edward III," and presents the text of the play with an introduction and notes..

The Problem Of The Reign Of King Edward Iii

ISBN 10 : 9780521343534
ISBN 13 : 0521343534

This book discusses whether The Reign of King Edward III (1596) is possibly the work of Shakespeare...

Richard Ii

ISBN 10 : 9780230272200
ISBN 13 : 0230272207

From the Royal Shakespeare Company – a fresh new edition of Shakespeare's tragic history of a ruler losing his grip on power THIS EDITION INCLUDES: • An illuminating introducti..

Shakespeare S Authentic Performance Texts

ISBN 10 : 9781476618722
ISBN 13 : 1476618720

When we pick up a copy of a Shakespeare play, we assume that we hold in our hands an original record of his writing. We don't. Present-day printings are an editor's often subjectiv..

Vocative Constructions In The Language Of Shakespeare

ISBN 10 : 9789027253934
ISBN 13 : 9027253935

This study investigates the functions, meanings, and varieties of forms of address in Shakespeare s dramatic work. New categories of Shakespearean vocatives are developed and the g..

The Cambridge Introduction To Shakespeare S History Plays

ISBN 10 : 9780521855075
ISBN 13 : 0521855071

An accessible and lively 2007 introduction to Shakespeare's history plays and their tradition on stage and film...

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