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ISBN 10 : 8991913997
ISBN 13 : 9788991913998

Nonfiction. Travel. Northeast Asia Studies. With 5,000 years of history and culture packed into one very tight package, Korea is a fascinating travel destination that both compares..

Camping In Korean National Parks

ISBN 10 : 1624120008
ISBN 13 : 9781624120008

Literary Nonfiction. Northeast Asia Studies. Korean national park campgrounds are situated near beautiful landscapes of blue sea, sandy beaches, waterfalls, towering forested mount..

Korean Ceramics

ISBN 10 : 8997639072
ISBN 13 : 9788997639076

The Korea Essentials series is a cooperative project between the Korea Foundation and Seoul Selection to furnish the international reader with insight and basic understanding into ..

Religion In Korea

ISBN 10 : PKEY:01079000026
ISBN 13 :

<책소개> Korea is a remarkable case study in religious coexistence. Even though only about half the country identifies as religious, the half that does displays a remarkable div..

Traditional Music

ISBN 10 : 8991913881
ISBN 13 : 9788991913882

Music has played and continues to play a vital role in Korean society, providing a rich vein of material as a dynamic part of the nations culture. Korean musics history reflects ac..

The Korean Way Of Tea

ISBN 10 : 8991913172
ISBN 13 : 9788991913172

Nonfiction. Asian Studies. Tea. Tea drinking is now a global pastime and a delectable variety of teas are much sought after by connoisseurs worldwide. In this meditative volume to ..

Doing Business In Korea

ISBN 10 : 9788991913967
ISBN 13 : 8991913962

Doing Business in Korea is a timely book of information for succeeding in the challenging environment of Korea, the world's 13th largest economy. the book divulges in engaging pros..

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