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Linguistic Theories of Humor (Humor Research)

So this English professor comes into class and starts talking about the textual organization of jokes, the taxonomy of puns, the relations between the linguistic form and the content of humorous texts, and other past and current topics in language-based research into humor. At the end he stuffs all

Linguistic Theories Of Humor

ISBN 10 : 9783110219029
ISBN 13 : 3110219026


Semantic Mechanisms Of Humor

ISBN 10 : 9789400964723
ISBN 13 : 9400964722

GOAL This is the funniest book I have ever written - and the ambiguity here is deliberate. Much of this book is about deliberate ambiguity, described as unambiguously as possible, ..

Encyclopedia Of Humor Studies

ISBN 10 : 9781483346175
ISBN 13 : 148334617X

The Encyclopedia of Humor: A Social History explores the concept of humor in history and modern society in the United States and internationally. This work’s scope encompasses th..

The Routledge Handbook Of Language And Humor

ISBN 10 : 9781317551164
ISBN 13 : 1317551168

The Routledge Handbook of Language and Humor presents the first ever comprehensive, in-depth treatment of all the sub-fields of the linguistics of humor, broadly conceived as the i..

Humorous Texts

ISBN 10 : 311017068X
ISBN 13 : 9783110170689

This book presents a theory of long humorous texts based on a revision and an upgrade of the General Theory of Verbal Humour (GTVH), a decade after its first proposal. The theory i..

The Primer Of Humor Research

ISBN 10 : 9783110198492
ISBN 13 : 3110198495

The book is intended to provide a definitive view of the field of humor research for both beginning and established scholars in a variety of fields who are developing an interest i..

Cognitive Linguistics And Humor Research

ISBN 10 : 9783110395037
ISBN 13 : 3110395037

To what extent can Cognitive Linguistics benefit from the systematic study of a creative phenomenon like humor? Although the authors in this volume approach this question from diff..

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