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qy8com千赢手机版-千赢pt手机客户端|英特尔推出Alloy项目 正式进军虚拟现实

作者:千赢pt手机客户端 发布于:2020-10-18


Intel has unveiled its newest virtual reality headset called Project Alloy. Through this gadget, the company introduces the concept of merged reality.近日,英特尔公司发售了其取名为Alloy项目的近期虚拟现实头戴设备。通过这一装置,英特尔公司讲解了一个新词:融合现实。The biannual Intel Developers Forum began with a virtual display of music. A drummer does not need actual drums and a musician can play a virtual piano and cello at the same time.每年举行两次的英特尔开发者论坛,这次以虚拟世界音乐表演冲破了帷幕。


这其中包括一位并不需要现实不存在的钹的贝斯手,以及可以在刚好弹奏虚拟世界钢琴和大提琴的音乐家。But Intel unveiled something that blends the lines of reality even further: Project Alloy. It is called Merged Reality and it eliminates the need for handheld controllers. Instead, you use your real hands in the virtual world. Alloy warns you if you are going to bump into real people or objects.不过,英特尔的近期Alloy项目毕竟更进一步带入了现实元素。它被称作融合现实,需要倚赖任何手执控制器。


在虚拟世界中,只必须动一动你的双手,遇到现实的人或物体,Alloy之后不会收到警告信号。Not only move around freely in the virtual world. But he was able to bring the real world into that virtual world where he used his hand to interact. We can do that with almost any object. And we can flip that. We can take the virtual world into the real world, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said.英特尔首席执行官布莱恩·科兹安尼克回应:我们不仅可以在虚拟世界中权利移动,还能把现实的物体带进虚拟世界,仅有须要自己动手之后可实现。


我们可以操控任何物体,同时,我们也能把虚拟世界带进现实世界。Intel says Project Alloy will be available to its partners in the second half of 2017.英特尔方面回应,将于2017年下半年为其合作伙伴获取Alloy项目。So it is not going to be in the hands of consumers until at least 2018 or later. No word on what it will cost.因此消费者最少在2018年以后才可取得它。至于价格,英特尔并没透漏。




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