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ISBN 10 : NYPL:33433081615639
ISBN 13 :


The Iliad

ISBN 10 : 9781472521187
ISBN 13 : 1472521188

No Western text boasts a life as long as the "Iliad", and few can match its energy and glory. This introduction to Homer's poem sees it as rooted in a particular culture with narra..

The Iliad

ISBN 10 : 0374529051
ISBN 13 : 9780374529055

A new publication of the definitive translation of Homer's epic brings the ancient poem to life, chronicling the Greek siege of the Trojan city state and the war that ensued...

The Iliad

ISBN 10 : 9780520961326
ISBN 13 : 0520961323

One of the oldest extant works of Western literature, the Iliad is a timeless epic poem of great warriors trapped between their own heroic pride and the arbitrary, often vicious de..

The Anger Of Achilles

ISBN 10 : 0140455604
ISBN 13 : 9780140455601

'You are the one whom I most detest - you, with your endless pursuit of quarrels, wars, battles!' War is raging between the Greeks and the Trojans, and Achilles, the great champion..


ISBN 10 : 1603843701
ISBN 13 : 9781603843706

A translation of the epic poem retells the story of Odysseus's ten-year voyage home to Ithaca after the Trojan War...

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