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The Communist Manifesto

ISBN 10 : 9780141397993
ISBN 13 : 0141397993

'The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains.' Marx and Engels's revolutionary summons to the working classes - one of the most important and influential political theor..

Aphorisms On Love And Hate

ISBN 10 : 9780141397917
ISBN 13 : 0141397918

'We must learn to love, learn to be kind, and this from our earliest youth ... Likewise, hatred must be learned and nurtured, if one wishes to become a proficient hater' This volum..

How To Use Your Enemies

ISBN 10 : 9780141398280
ISBN 13 : 0141398280

'Better mad with the crowd than sane all alone' In these witty, Machiavellian aphorisms, unlikely Spanish priest Baltasar Gracián shows us how to exploit friends and enemies alike..

The Fall Of Icarus

ISBN 10 : 9780141398686
ISBN 13 : 014139868X

'Drawn on by his eagerness for the open sky, he left his guide and soared upwards...' Ovid tells the tales of Theseus and the Minotaur, Daedalus and Icarus, the Calydonian Boar-Hun..

Socrates Defence

ISBN 10 : 9780141397658
ISBN 13 : 0141397659

'I'll stop doing it as soon as I understand what I'm doing.' Somewhere between a historical account and work of philosophy, Socrates' Defence details the final plea of Plato's belo..

O Frabjous Day

ISBN 10 : 9780241251959
ISBN 13 : 0241251958

'I cried, "Come, tell me how you live!" And thumped him on the head.' Conjuring wily walruses, dancing lobsters, a Jabberwock and a Bandersnatch, Carroll's fantastical verse gave n..

The Great Fire Of London

ISBN 10 : 9780141397559
ISBN 13 : 0141397551

'With one's face in the wind you were almost burned with a shower of Firedrops' A selection from Pepys' startlingly vivid and candid diary, including his famous account of the Grea..

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