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The Faber Book Of Beasts

ISBN 10 : 0571195474
ISBN 13 : 9780571195473

The Faber Book of Beasts is a collection of many of the best poems in English about the creatures who share our planet. The animal kingdom has prompted some of the liveliest and mo..

The Faber Book Of Beasts

ISBN 10 : 0571175988
ISBN 13 : 9780571175987

An anthology of poems about creatures of many kinds, including some perhaps more fanciful than real. The poets range from Homer to the present...

The Faber Book Of Nursery Verse

ISBN 10 : 0571130798
ISBN 13 : 9780571130795

A collection of rhymes, verses, jingles, riddles, and limericks from traditional sources, together with a selection of favorite poems by English and American authors, chiefly of th..

The Book Of Prehistoric Beasts

ISBN 10 : 1780554974
ISBN 13 : 9781780554976

Delve into history and discover a time when colossal creatures and humongous dinosaurs roamed the earth. Featuring more than 90 of the most fascinating and ferocious animals that p..

Beasts And Beauties

ISBN 10 : 0571226698
ISBN 13 : 9780571226696

'One of those rare nights in the theatre when some strange alchemy takes place in the dark and as a shiver runs down your spine and a bubble of laughter rises in your throat, you r..

A World Of Difference

ISBN 10 : 023020208X
ISBN 13 : 9780230202085

"This anthology brings together an international selection of short stories by distinguished modern writers from five continents (America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe). The ..

Hard Times

ISBN 10 : 014143967X
ISBN 13 : 9780141439679

Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Kate Flint...

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