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The Masks Of Hamlet

ISBN 10 : 0874134803
ISBN 13 : 9780874134803

Hamlet's challenge: "You would pluck out the heart of my mystery - " Yes, we would. If we could. We can but try; and the best way to begin, this book suggests, is to share what dis..

The Masks Of Anthony And Cleopatra

ISBN 10 : 0874139244
ISBN 13 : 9780874139242

The Masks of Anthony and Cleopatra follows the pattern of Marvin Rosenberg's four earlier Masks books and offers a sensitive interpretation of the play based on extensive reading o..

The Masks Of Othello

ISBN 10 : 0874134811
ISBN 13 : 9780874134810

It is almost as if Shakespeare had deliberately adapted this brutal murder tale to dare himself to find sympathy in the farthest extreme of human error. The three chief characters ..

Quintessence Of Dust

ISBN 10 : 059531337X
ISBN 13 : 9780595313372

Shakespeare's Hamlet contains a profound spiritual message for mankind that has been largely unrecognized for centuries. The meaning of Hamlet so perplexed critics over the last fo..

Hamlet S Mill

ISBN 10 : 0879232153
ISBN 13 : 9780879232153

Ever since the Greeks coined the language we commonly use for scientific description, mythology and science have developed separately. But what came before the Greeks? What if we c..

The Masks Of Macbeth

ISBN 10 : 0520032624
ISBN 13 : 9780520032620


The Masks Of King Lear

ISBN 10 : 0874134854
ISBN 13 : 9780874134858


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