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The Riverside Chaucer: Reissued with a new foreword by Christopher Cannon

This peerless edition of Chaucer’s complete works is the fruit of many years’ study and is widely regarded as the standard text. Edited and annotated to a high standard, and with a new foreword by Christopher Cannon, the Riverside Chaucer is now the indispensable edition for students and readers of Chaucer.New

The Riverside Chaucer

ISBN 10 : 9780199552092
ISBN 13 : 0199552096

The third edition of the definitive collection of Chaucer's Complete Works, reissued with a new foreword by Christopher Cannon.Since F. N. Robinson's second edition of the The Work..

A Handbook Of Middle English Studies

ISBN 10 : 9781118328767
ISBN 13 : 1118328760

A Handbook to Middle English Studies presents a series of original essays from leading literary scholars that explore the relationship between critical theory and late medieval lit..

Rethinking The New Medievalism

ISBN 10 : 9781421412412
ISBN 13 : 1421412411

In the early 1990s, Stephen Nichols introduced the term "new medievalism" to describe an alternative to the traditional philological approach to the study of the romantic texts in ..

Troilus And Criseyde

ISBN 10 : 9780521191449
ISBN 13 : 0521191440

A scene-by-scene reader's guide to Geoffrey Chaucer's Trojan War poem specifically designed for student readers...

The Cambridge Companion To Chaucer

ISBN 10 : 0521894670
ISBN 13 : 9780521894678

The Cambridge Companion to Chaucer is an extensively revised version of the first edition, which has become a classic in the field. This new volume responds to the success of the f..

The Canterbury Tales

ISBN 10 : 9781775560159
ISBN 13 : 1775560155

Geoffrey Chaucer's fourteenth-century masterpiece The Canterbury Tales is such a rollicking good read that you'll forget many critics and scholars also regard it as one of the most..

Troilus And Criseyde

ISBN 10 : 0140424210
ISBN 13 : 9780140424218

Recounts the love story between Troilus and Cressida, whose oaths of trust and fidelity are tested when the Trojan War forces them apart...

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