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Transgressive Imaginations: Crime, Deviance and Culture (Critical Criminolo…

Transgressive Imaginations This book focuses upon the breaking of rules and taboos involved in ‘doing crime’, including violent crime as represented in fictive texts and ethnographic research. It includes chapters on topics of urgent contemporary interest such as asylum seekers, sex work, serial killers, school shooters, crimes of poverty and understandings of ‘madness’. Full description

Transgressive Imaginations

ISBN 10 : 9780230577848
ISBN 13 : 0230577849

Taking the notion of transgression – the breaking of boundaries – as its starting point, this book brings a fresh approach to cultural criminology by exploring representations ..

Framing Law And Crime

ISBN 10 : 9781611477061
ISBN 13 : 1611477069

This cutting-edge edited collection brings together 17 scholarly essays on two of cinema and television’s most enduring and powerful themes: law and crime. With contributions by ..

Criminology And War

ISBN 10 : 9781317936688
ISBN 13 : 131793668X

It is widely observed that the study of war has been paid limited attention within criminology. This is intellectually curious given that acts of war have occurred persistently thr..

Policing Port Security And Crime Control

ISBN 10 : 9781317267249
ISBN 13 : 1317267249

Ports are the vital hubs of the maritime transport industry, and crucial to the flow of global trade. The protection of this global supply chain from crime and terrorism is a funda..

Qualitative Research In Criminology

ISBN 10 : 9781412856430
ISBN 13 : 1412856434

This volume investigates the significant role qualitative research plays in expanding and refining our understandings of crime and justice. It features seventeen original essays th..

Crime Justice And Social Democracy

ISBN 10 : 9781137008688
ISBN 13 : 1137008687

Crime, Justice and Social Democracy is a provocative and thoughtful collection of timely reflections on the state of social democracy and its inextricable links to crime and justic..

Prisons Punishment And The Pursuit Of Security

ISBN 10 : 9781137004833
ISBN 13 : 1137004835

Drawing on research in men's long-term, maximum-security prisons, this book examines three interconnected problems: the tendency of the prison to obscure other social problems and ..

Philosophical Criminology

ISBN 10 : 9781447323747
ISBN 13 : 1447323742

Philosophical criminology asks big questions about how we get on with one another and what happens when we do not. This accessible book in the New Horizons in Criminology series is..

Shades Of Deviance

ISBN 10 : 9781317907220
ISBN 13 : 1317907221

Written in a unique format, Shades of Deviance is a turbo-driven guide to crime and deviance, offering 56 politically engaged, thought-provoking and accessibly written accounts of ..


ISBN 10 : PSU:000058234303
ISBN 13 :

"Criminology is the ideal textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students coming to the subject for the first time. Written by a team of leading criminologists, the book cover..

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