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Grooming Gossip And The Evolution Of Language

ISBN 10 : 0674363361
ISBN 13 : 9780674363366

What a big brain we have for all the small talk we make. It's an evolutionary riddle that at long last makes sense in this intriguing book about what gossip has done for our talkat..

Grooming Gossip And The Evolution Of Language

ISBN 10 : 9780571265183
ISBN 13 : 0571265189

Did mankind evolve unusually large brains simply in order to gossip? Primates differ from other animals by the intensity of their social relationships, by the amount of time they s..

Grooming Gossip And The Evolution Of Language

ISBN 10 : UCSC:32106013079469
ISBN 13 :

Argues that human beings have replaced the physical grooming rituals of our primate cousins with gossip, using language instead of touch to maintain social ties and intimate contac..

Human Evolution

ISBN 10 : 0141975318
ISBN 13 : 9780141975313

What makes us human? How did we develop language, thought and culture? Why did we survive, and other human species fail? Robin Dunbar is an evolutionary psychologist and former dir..

The Human Story

ISBN 10 : 9780571265206
ISBN 13 : 0571265200

A fascinating account of the latest thinking on human evolution, by 'one of the most respected evolutionary psychologists in Britain'. For scientists studying evolution, the past d..

Thinking Big How The Evolution Of Social Life Shaped The Human Mind

ISBN 10 : 9780500772140
ISBN 13 : 0500772142

A closer look at genealogy, incorporating how biological, anthropological, and technical factors can influence human lives We are at a pivotal moment in understanding our remote an..