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Heroes Gods And Monsters Of The Greek Myths

ISBN 10 : 9781453264485
ISBN 13 : 1453264485

The bestselling compendium of ancient Greece’s timeless tales and towering figures of mythology from a classics expert. The world of Greek mythology contains some of the most exc..

Heroes And Monsters Of Greek Myth

ISBN 10 : 0590434403
ISBN 13 : 9780590434409

Heroes who defy the gods, warriors who battle strange and powerful creatures, beasts whose glance turns men to stone--the legends of Ancient Greece are as exciting now as they have..

Gods Heroes And Monsters

ISBN 10 : 0190644818
ISBN 13 : 9780190644819

Offering an expansive view of the ancient Mediterranean world, Gods, Heroes, and Monsters: A Sourcebook of Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern Myths in Translation, Second Edition, pres..

Greek Myths

ISBN 10 : 0689312539
ISBN 13 : 9780689312533

Examines the sources and stories of Greek mythology, recounting the tales of gods, heroes, lovers, and warriors...

Greek Gods And Heroes

ISBN 10 : 9780795336515
ISBN 13 : 0795336519

In the ancient past, the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece lived on Mount Olympus, and ruled the world of mortals. Famous heroes shaped the course of history, beautiful women dr..