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Drawn In Words

ISBN 10 : 9781499091588
ISBN 13 : 1499091583

Drawn In Words is a collection of poetry written by a young poet Nkwinika.L. I wrote this book before I wrote it out. Drawn in words is a poetry book that draw situations, express ..

Choosing Tough Words

ISBN 10 : 0719063019
ISBN 13 : 9780719063015

These essays approach and explore Duffy's work from various literary theoretical perspectives, including feminism, masculinity, national identity and post-structuralism. It situate..

Fighting Songs And Warring Words

ISBN 10 : 9781134969050
ISBN 13 : 1134969058

The accepted canon of war poetry usually includes only those underlining patriotic or nationalistic views. This study opens up the view of war poetry with the inclusion of such mat..

Counter Revolution Of The Word

ISBN 10 : 9781469606637
ISBN 13 : 1469606631

During the Cold War an unlikely coalition of poets, editors, and politicians converged in an attempt to discredit--if not destroy--the American modernist avant-garde. Ideologically..

Words And The Poet

ISBN 10 : 0198152612
ISBN 13 : 9780198152613

Readers familiar with Dr Lyne's last book on Virgil will know what to expect. There is the same clarity of expression and layout, the same care to make his use of special terminolo..

The Beautiful Poetry Of Donald Trump

ISBN 10 : 9781786892294
ISBN 13 : 1786892294

All I ask is fairness People are constantly attacking my hair I think it's very unfair Obama said he never met his uncle Oscar Can you imagine if I made that statement? It would be..

In Other Shoes

ISBN 10 : 9780195098723
ISBN 13 : 0195098722

In fifteen essays-one new, two newly revised and expanded, three with new postscripts-Kendall L. Walton wrestles with philosophical issues concerning music, metaphor, empathy, exis..

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