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Wyndham Lewis: A Critical Guide

This critical guide introduces the reader to the work of Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957), a major modernist and thought-provoking satirist who was at the centre of the avant-garde in early 20th-century London and a key figure in the development of Vorticism. These 15 newly commissioned essays explain the complex role Lewis’s work played in the formation, development, and criticism of modernism. There are chapters on Lewis and Vorticism and Avant-Gardism, War, Cultural Criticism, Satire, Race and…

Wyndham Lewis

ISBN 10 : 0748685677
ISBN 13 : 9780748685677

The first guide to the work of Wyndham Lewis as writer, novelist, and critic Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957) was one of the most innovative writers and painters of his time. An indefatig..

James Joyce A Critical Guide

ISBN 10 : 9780748639465
ISBN 13 : 0748639462

James Joyce: A Critical Guide presents a full and comprehensive account of the major writing of the great modernist novelist James Joyce. Ranging right across Joyce's literary corp..

Blast At 100

ISBN 10 : 9789004347540
ISBN 13 : 9004347542


Modern North American Criticism And Theory A Critical Guide

ISBN 10 : 9780748626786
ISBN 13 : 0748626786

Modern North American Criticism and Theory presents the reader with a comprehensive and critical introduction to the development and institutionalization of literary and cultural s..

Modern British And Irish Criticism And Theory A Critical Guide

ISBN 10 : 9780748626809
ISBN 13 : 0748626808

Modern British and Irish Criticism and Theory offers the student and general reader a comprehensive, critically informed overview of the development of literary and cultural studie..

Modern European Criticism And Theory A Critical Guide

ISBN 10 : 9780748626793
ISBN 13 : 0748626794

Modern European Criticism and Theory offers the reader a comprehensive critical overview of the widespread and profound contest of ideas within European 'theory'. The book focuses ..

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